WED-9618CII Full Digital Ultrasound System

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Brief Introduction
The full digital ultrasound system has digital beamforming technology with probes automatic identification. It features rich images processing with automatic report generation and scanning angle and depth adjustable.
Adoption of folded soft keyboard and trackball provides immediate, convenient and flexible operation. This equipment has jet molding enclosure and portable structure.

System Functions
1. The ultrasound system can be operated with puncture guiding function and laser engraving glare backlit keyboard.
2. It can process real time image display, freeze, save, load, zoom, up and down flip, left and right flip, black and white flip and capacity cine loop.
3. Additionally, it has multi-level scanning depth, angle, dynamic range, acoustic power, frame correlation factor regulation and focus number, focal space, focus position and other functions.

Technological Advantages
This full digital ultrasound system is high resolution linear/convex ultrasound scanning diagnostic equipment with digital frequency scan (DFS) and 8 segments TGC, frame correlation technologies that provide image with clarity, stability and high resolution. It also offers more than 40 body marks.
It adopts micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming (DBF), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), real time dynamic receiving apodization and real time dynamic receiving focusing (DRF).

Perfect combination of multiple digital ultrasonic imaging technologies makes this model more convenient for medical-record, database management and wider range of clinical applications.
In addition, the ergonomic principles have been considered during the full digital ultrasound system design which results in a consistent and high performance operation for abdominal, obstetric, cardiac or small body parts sonography.

Technical Specifications of the Full Digital Ultrasound System
Scanning Mode linear / Convex /Micro-convex
Probe Connector ≥2
Cine-loop ≥500 frames
Image Permanent Storage 64 frames
Scanning Depth Max 250mm (C3-1 Convex probe)
Scanning angle and visual field Visual adjustable
Display Mode B, B+B, B+M, B+2M, M, 4B, 256 grey scale
Operation interface English-Chinese, adjustable
Gain control Total gain, 8-Segment TGC adjustment
Image Process GAMA, image smoothen/sharpen, THI, Histogram, local zoom
Focus adjust Focus≥2, focus span and position adjustable
Real-time depth 16-level adjustable
Image magnification Real-time (16 classes adjustable), partial (≥2times)
Dynamic range 64-192Db
Puncture guiding puncture guiding line display, puncture line angle adjustable
Measurement Distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate, GA, FW, EDD
Output report 4 types
Body mark ≥40
Notation Date, time, name, PID, sex, age, doctor, hospital, whole screen comment edit, body mark, position indicator
Port: Video, RS-232, USB 2.0

Multi-Frequency Probes

  • 3.5 MHz Convex Probe
  • 5.0 MHz Micro-convex Probe
  • 6.5 MHz Transvaginal Probe
  • 7.5 MHz Endorectal Probe
  • 7.5 MHz Linear Probe

Excellent Image
With the full digital ultrasound system, excellent images come with the advanced ultrasonic technology and therefore, better results for diagnosis.

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