WED-100 Full-digital Ultrasound Therapy Device

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WED-100 Full-digital Ultrasound Therapy Device

Brief introduction
WED-100 full digital ultrasound therapy device is a kind of household physical therapy equipment with exquisite design. It features simple operation and is safe and practical.

1. With compact structure, the ultrasound machine offers light weight as well.
2. It supports manual adjustment of sound intensity and treatment time.
3. With low power consumption chip and digital signal generator, the ultrasound therapy device also delivers accurately controlled frequency and duty ratio.

The full digital ultrasound therapy device is suitable for use in families for health care. It is especially ideal for relieving joint pain, strain of lumbar muscles, etc. It has very good curative effect to improve dyskinesia after stroke.

Working mode continuous/pulse
Probe connector ≥2
Rated output power 5.0W
Effective radiation area of therapy probe ≦ 2.0cm2
Ultrasonic operating frequency 1.0MHz
Beam non-uniformity ratio 3
Effective sound intensity ≦ 3W/cm3
Pulse repetition 10ms
Treat time (Minute) 0-30
Beam type Collimated

Standard Configuration
Main frame (GDT-0101 Fixed Therapy Probe)
Power cord
Two fuse (the fuse model is F2AL250V)

Optional Configuration
Binding tapes
YDT-0101 handheld treatment probe

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