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  • WED-300 Full-digital Ultrasound Therapy Device Professional clinic therapy with the use of the ultrasound therapy device has shown that it enables patients to achieve painless rehabilitation from stroke sequela, sciatica and arthritis. Ultrasonic wave generates heat within human tissues, which makes local vascular system expand to accelerate blood circulation, enhance metabolism, decrease muscle tone, relieve pains, and increase ductility of connective tissue.
  • WED-100 Full-digital Ultrasound Therapy DeviceWith compact structure, the ultrasound machine offers light weight as well.
    It supports manual adjustment of sound intensity and treatment time.
    With low power consumption chip and digital signal generator, the ultrasound therapy device also delivers accurately controlled frequency and duty ratio.
Other Products
  • FDC6000 Color Doppler Ultrasound SystemIt delivers first class imaging performance by leveraging the power of the Elite Ultrasound Processor and a high-performance PC platform. The familiar Windows XP graphical user interface makes the system simple and easy to use. Flexible design allows the system to be instantly convertible from a portable unit to a point-of-care system.
  • FDC8000 Color Doppler Ultrasound SystemIt uses an expert database of real clinical cases to help recognize different positions of the diseases. Randomly choices for measurement labeling function of vector graphics can be done and refresh the results automatically by adjusting the measuring point, or you can delete any measured value.
  • WED-3100V Digital Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe digital veterinary ultrasound scanner combines power supply mode AC adapter and built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. With three batteries charging modes and the specialized brownout enable more lasting battery operation.
  • WED-2018V Full Digital Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe images can be displayed in real time, and easily froze, stored, and loaded.
    You can even zoom to particular area and up/down conversion, left/right conversion, black/white conversion, and high-capacity movie playback are all available.
  • WED-2000AV Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThis palm-size veterinary ultrasound scanner is enjoying a great success in the global market due to its innovative design. It has advantages such as accurate imaging and simple interface. It is just 0.8 kg weight, is compact and easy to carry.