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Brief Introduction
The color Doppler ultrasound system is a powerful portable imaging device that offers quality images with networking functions, which were previously impossible in a small system.

Unbelievable Portability

Due to its compact size and light weight of only 10 kg, the color Doppler ultrasound system, which is regarded as a portable ultrasound system, can be easily carry through crowded wards or outdoors.

Unbelievable Usability
It delivers first class imaging performance by leveraging the power of the Elite Ultrasound Processor and a high-performance PC platform. The familiar Windows XP graphical user interface makes the system simple and easy to use. Flexible design allows the system to be instantly convertible from a portable unit to a point-of-care system.

With its smaller new shape, enhanced mobility and more convenient operation design, this color Doppler ultrasound system is well-suited to multiple clinical settings. With complete cardiac functionality, it can be used as a primary or secondary diagnostic system. And through its full shared-service capabilities, both vascular and abdominal images are available as well.

It offers a series of PC-related extended practical functions, which enables images, videos and reports to be easily converted to standard processing format and processed in common software. Its file management is explicit and simple. It is integrated with Ethernet links, DICOM output, Wordlist module, open date interface and it has access to PACS system.

The new operation design of the color Doppler ultrasound system simplifies procedures at the beginning of each exam by adjusting TGCs and a wide variety of other imaging parameters. In this way, doctors can immediately focus on the patients rather than the hardware. The WELLD FDC6000 is compatible with a variety of transducers and examination types. It can also offer powerful vascular and cardiac reports. It has been designed to be used as a way of tele-medicine in larger scale of PACS systems at remote locations or to serve as the primary imaging device in smaller point-of-care settings.

Unbelievable Value
The color Doppler ultrasound system will maintain its value for years to come. We enable simple and limitless software upgrades and our unique PC platform makes it easy and inexpensive to keep the hardware up to date with the latest advances in image processing, communications, data storage and display technologies.

Technical Specifications of the Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Applications Abdominal, OB/GYN, urology, cardiology, vessel, musculoskeletal, small parts
Display modes B, BB, M, CD, PWD, CWD, Dir-Pwr/Pwr
Continuous wave Doppler(CWD) Expand hemodynamic diagnosis to professional cardiac application, especially congenital heart disease, offering more clinical accuracy and reliability
Triplex display Real-time triplex display B, Color Doppler, Pulsed Spectral Doppler (Three TGCs can be adjusted respectively)
Standard transducer Convex 5C2A (2.0-5.0 MHz)
Optional transducer Linear 12L5A (5.0-12.0 MHz), Transvaginal 8EC4A (4.0-8.0 MHz), Phased array 4V2S (2.0-4.0 MHz)
High-precision full digital image technology Digital beam-forming, real-time continuous dynamic focusing, digital dynamic aperture, real-time dynamic apodization, real-time independent frequency conversion, adjustable focus position
High sensitivity blood image (HSI) Synchronous, homogeneous, clear, sufficient colorful blood image
High-definition frequency spectrum image (HDI) Recognizable sharp marginal blood frequency spectrum echo image
Trapezoid imaging (TI) Offer trapezoidal field of vision to enlarge the view angle of linear imaging
Sector expanding image Offer a wider view of the organs
Advanced image processing technology Automatic image optimizing enhancement, smoothing filter, frame correlation, sharpen, pseudo-color, color priority, grey level transformation, real-time zoom
Tissue harmonic imaging (THI) Suppress speckle noise, brighten image and improve the image quality
Automatically-optimized parameters Adjust the parameters automatically according to the specific clinical diagnostic position so as to save the operating time consumption
Powerful measurement software Versatile clinic-oriented measuring software package
i-Station Versatile image format, such as AVI, JPG, TIF, BMP, SEQ, DICOM3.0 and super high medical report capacity storage, fast report management, such as preview, edit, print and transmission
Port USB2.0, RS-232, XGA, DICOM3.0, PAL-D, Network, DVD-R/W
Notation Text, body mark, general data
Report Automatic report generation
Monitor 12 inches medical LCD
Panel Ergonomic panel


Quality Images

  • Cardiac imaging in Doppler color-mode
  • Carotid Bifurcation
  • Frequency Spectral Doppler of Regurgitation
  • Real-time triplex display BColor Doppler Pulsed Spectral Doppler
  • Reflux Dilated Long Saphenous Vein

  • Thyroid imaging in color mode

  • Twins imaging in
  • Vaginal imaging in color Doppler mode

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