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  • FDC8000 Color Doppler Ultrasound SystemIt uses an expert database of real clinical cases to help recognize different positions of the diseases. Randomly choices for measurement labeling function of vector graphics can be done and refresh the results automatically by adjusting the measuring point, or you can delete any measured value.
  • FDC6000 Color Doppler Ultrasound SystemIt delivers first class imaging performance by leveraging the power of the Elite Ultrasound Processor and a high-performance PC platform. The familiar Windows XP graphical user interface makes the system simple and easy to use. Flexible design allows the system to be instantly convertible from a portable unit to a point-of-care system.

Color Doppler ultrasound scanner, or color ultrasound for short, is an ultrasound equipment that overlays the blood flow signal, which is after the color-coding with the Doppler technology, on a 2D image in real-time, creating color Doppler ultrasound blood flow images. Therefore, the color ultrasound has both the advantages of a 2D ultrasound image and abundant information about the hemodynamics. That is why its applications are so popular.

Our company is a professional medical electronic equipment manufacturer, whose products cover both black-and-white and color ultrasound. Our Doppler scanner ultrasound imaging system uses THI to fully improve the definition and delicacy of the image. Our color Doppler ultrasound system adopts the synchronous and real-time triplex display mode of B, Color Doppler, and Pulsed Spectral Doppler, which can be adjusted respectively and simultaneously. Our system has a powerful software measurement package that allows both dynamic and static measurement on certain items.

Our sales system covers both home and abroad, so it will be very convenient for you to contact us if you would like to buy our ultrasound scanners.

As a specialized color doppler ultrasound scanner manufacturer in China, our company offers a vast range of products including portable ultrasonic diagnostic scanner, palmsize ultrasonic diagnostic scanner, trolley ultrasound scanner, full digital ultrasound system, and much more.

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  • WED-2018 Full Digital Ultrasound SystemThe full digital ultrasound system is high resolution linear-convex ultrasound scanning diagnostic equipment that has clear image with stability and high resolution. It adopts micro-computer control and Digital Scan Converter (DSC), Digital Beamforming (DBF), Real-time Dynamic Aperture (RDA), Real-time Dynamic Receiving Apodization....
  • WED-160 Full Digital Ultrasound SystemThe full digital ultrasound system uses PC control and Digital Scan Converter (DSC) adopting multiple technologies like Digital Beamforming (DBF), Real-time Dynamic Aperture (RDA), Real-time Dynamic Receiving Apodization (DRA), Real-time Dynamic Receiving Focusing (DRF), Digital Frequency Scan (DFS) and 8-TGC.
  • WED-180 Full Digital Ultrasound ScannerThe full digital ultrasound scanner is able to process real time images display with freeze, save, load, zoom, up and down or left and right flip and capacity cine loop, multi-level scanning depth, dynamic range, acoustic power, frame correlation factor regulation and focus number, focal space, focus position and other features.
  • WED-380 Full Digital Ultrasound SystemThe ultrasound system also features probe automatic identification and automatic report generation.
    It has powerful measurement and calculation software packages with multi-level scanning depth and angle.
  • WED-9618 Full Digital Ultrasound ScannerThe full digital ultrasound scanner has a revolutionary digital beamforming technology. It provides excellent image quality with high resolution and definition. Additionally selectable multiple transducers and analysis software packages extend its application to broader fields.