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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

All of our products can do the general ultrasound examination which is one of the most common clinical sifting methods. With our products, examination will be non-invasive, painless, and convenient at a low cost. Our general ultrasound is of essential diagnostic value in examining the renal cyst, solid kidney tumor, hydronephrosis, and some bladder lesions.

However, our product is not authoritative in the diagnosis of renal calculus and ureteral calculi. Nor can the ultrasonic examination be used as the basis of diagnosis and treatment especially when the calculus size is less than 1cm and there is no hydronephrosis or ureterectasia.

Other Products
  • WED-2000AV Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThis palm-size veterinary ultrasound scanner is enjoying a great success in the global market due to its innovative design. It has advantages such as accurate imaging and simple interface. It is just 0.8 kg weight, is compact and easy to carry.
  • WED-2000V Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Its probe supports wide multi-frequency and it has unique waterproof design, suitable for severe environments.
    Operating with AC power and built-in lithium battery, it has also three different ways of charging. It counts with power save mode making the battery working longer time.
  • WED-3000V Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe veterinary ultrasound scanner makes EDD measurement for horses, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats and other animals. It offers 16 body marks and multiple-choice probes for the clinic diagnosis demands, making it a good partner for veterinaries.
  • WED-3100V Digital Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe digital veterinary ultrasound scanner combines power supply mode AC adapter and built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. With three batteries charging modes and the specialized brownout enable more lasting battery operation.