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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Veterinary ultrasound can be used to diagnose animals such as horses, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, and cats.

Ultrasound Scanner for Cows
Our products, including WED-3000V, WED-3100V, WED-2018V, WED-180V, WED-380V, and WED-9618V veterinary ultrasound scanner, have numerous advantages in the diagnosis of early pregnancy of cows, such as intuitional and reliable images, reduced time for confirmed diagnosis and treatment, shortened interval between the births, and reduced potential loss for the dairy. Besides, our veterinary ultrasound scanner has the following functions.

1. Our product can probe the ovary development of the cow, including follicular development and ovulation, to ensure timely mating and raise the pregnancy rate.
2. Our scanner can be used for diagnosis of early gestation, development of the fetus, and estimation of the gestational age. Thanks to the timely and correct diagnosis of cows after mating, you can carry out fetus protection and nutrition program for pregnant cows, while timely remating the non- pregnant ones to raise the reproduction rate and economic benefits.
3. Using ultrasound in the gestation period will help discover stillbirth, misbirth, and fetal resorption, and identify the gender of the fetus as well.
4. During the perinatal period, the ultrasonic examination helps determine the vitality of the fetus and whether afterbirth has been excreted completely out of the cow.
5. After delivery, using our product, you can observe the recovery of the womb while diagnosing diseases, such as endometritis, pyometra, mucometra and pyometra, which prevent the cows from breeding.
6. Our scanner can be used for the diagnosis of ovarian disease in cows, which provides scientific basis for the treatment of such disease.
7. Ultrasound-mediated ovum pick-up can also be done with the help of our products.

Ultrasound Scanner for Pigs
In terms of the reproduction and breeding stock of pigs, our WED-M1V, WED-2000AV, and WED-2000V veterinary ultrasound scanner are effective monitoring devices to help raise the reproduction rate significantly in the following three ways.

1. Due to the diagnosis of early gestation, our product helps raise the accuracy of diagnosis, the efficiency of raising, and the economic benefits.
2. The ultrasound images of fetuses of different ages helps you draft the ultrasound monitoring technology and reference map, which is of great significance to the practice of pig raising.
3. With the monitor of various kinds of uterine and ovarian diseases and the help of the monitoring technology of the uterine and ovarian functional recovery after delivery, you can make the right decisions about treating and preventing these diseases.

Our WED-380V veterinary digital ultrasound scanner can even measure the thickness and area of the backfat and eye muscles on living pigs, which will guide pig reproduction.

Other Products
  • WED-2018V Full Digital Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe images can be displayed in real time, and easily froze, stored, and loaded.
    You can even zoom to particular area and up/down conversion, left/right conversion, black/white conversion, and high-capacity movie playback are all available.
  • WED-180V Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe veterinary ultrasound scanner adopts many probes for different clinic diagnosis demands. It is a good partner for veterinaries to make regular diagnosis and calculate GA of cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, cows, horses and many other animals.
  • WED-380V Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe veterinary ultrasound scanner adopting micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), real time dynamic aperture (RDA), real time dynamic receiving focusing (DRF), digital frequency scan (DFS), digital beam-forming (DBF), 8 segments TGC, real time dynamic receiving apodization and frame correlation technologies...
  • WED-9618V Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThe veterinary ultrasound scanner offers more than 16 body marks and is able to process real time image display, freeze, multi-level scanning depth, angle, dynamic range, acoustic power, frame correlation factor regulation and focus number, focal space, focus position, etc.