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Service Overview
We own professional technical after sales service team and full-service outlets. Moreover, our own warehouses are set up in Hong Kong, specially used for repairing export products.

Service Policy
Calculated from the date of delivery, the warranty period of the whole machine is two years and that of the probes and other accessories is one year. We usually communicate with customers to offer technical maintenance and service through email, online links and other modern e-commerce ways.

Service Content
1. Quality and treatment of complaints
2. Product repair and maintenance
3. Software installation and maintenance

Service Process

1、Returned machine/parts
2、Hong Kong maintenance warehouse
3、(Foreign trade) Technical support
4、(Customer service) Maintenance engineer

Process of Fault Machine and Parts Returned to Factory for Maintenance

1、Business manager
2、The customer
3、Technical support
4、Customer service
5、In-warranty period
6、Outside warranty period
7、Hong Kong maintenance warehouse
12、Approval opinions (in warranty period)
 1. If the product is out of box, is it qualified?
 2. Artificial damage or not
 3. The machine or parts need to be returned or not
13、Approval opinions: (beyond warranty period)
 1. Whether it is artificial damage?
 2. Could the machine or parts be returned?
 3. Who pay the freight back to China?

Main Products
  • WED-380 Full Digital Ultrasound SystemThe ultrasound system also features probe automatic identification and automatic report generation.
    It has powerful measurement and calculation software packages with multi-level scanning depth and angle.
  • WED-9618 Full Digital Ultrasound ScannerThe full digital ultrasound scanner has a revolutionary digital beamforming technology. It provides excellent image quality with high resolution and definition. Additionally selectable multiple transducers and analysis software packages extend its application to broader fields.